what are the eyewear trends of 2021?

Eyewear Trends of 2021

As if we are not already living in a fashion world where every other day we hear about some new fashion trend, it is safe to say that the eyewear industry is gearing up for some major changes in the next few years. If you have an eye for fashion trends, then you will understand why it is important to keep an eye on these changing dynamics. However, when you are searching for sunglasses and contact lenses, you might find yourself lost in the vast ocean of choice. However, with a little bit of effort, you will be able to distinguish which fashionable eyewear frames will suit your personality.

One of the first trends we will be seeing comes in the form of round glasses.

Round spectacles are one of the most stylish eyewear options that can currently be found on the market. They are ideal for men and women alike since they are round and do not appear cogged with any wrinkles. The latest round glasses trend will likely revolve around disposable lenses and their availability.

Another popular style will come in the form of a square

or rectangular glasses. Square and rectangular glasses are more common than you might think. Many people have just learned to adapt these types of frames to oval or perhaps heart-shaped faces, although the classic oval-shaped glass may always look great in square frames. The standard rectangular glasses will be available as soft lenses, so they are less prone to smearing and will be easy to clean. You will also find several eye colors available in this frame style, including green, silver, gold, and black.

Another style will be cat-eye glasses

which were initially created to help those people who have crossed over from spherical glasses to a more normal shape. Cat-eye glasses are usually rounded and come in either oval or heart-shaped faces. These glasses are most common on round or oval-shaped faces, although some people do wear cat-eye frames that extend to heart-shaped faces.

An interesting style will be called progressive lenses

and it utilizes two curved optical systems, one for lower lids and one for upper lids. The lower lid will be made of translucent plastic and it will have a small clear tab in the center for a USB port or other connections. The upper frame will house the progressive lenses, with the tab opening to reveal contacts for reading and other uses. In addition to these frames, you will also find a new type of frame called bifocal glasses. These frames will be used by people who need bifocals but have only slightly crossed eyes due to misalignment problems.

An interesting trend that will surface in the future

will feature frames that extend and include additional pieces. This could be anything from retro-futuristic sidebars to fashionable car accessories and even tennis racket grips. There is no telling if any of these exciting styles will surface in actual products by the time the next fashion shows are held, but if you are already planning your wardrobe for the coming year, you should consider at least some of the exciting styles mentioned here.

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