These are the four stages of the entire selling process.

Stages of the Selling Process of a Home

Knowing the steps to sell a home will certainly help keep things in perspective but in the end, it’s just human nature to experience those 5 emotional stages when selling a home. There’s excitement, anticipation, excitement, and eventually, you get to the “acceptance” stage and it’s time for the sale. The last thing you want to be thinking about is how the sales process went and whether or not you have done a good job. Well, let’s review the 5 stages so you can see how everyone goes during this time.


Stage One 

The excitement stage is when you’re starting to explore your options and researching prices. This is where you’re gathering memories and researching prices. Think about your family, your children, your pets, and the past events you’ve been to that will help make your home the perfect fit for you and your family. Visualization is key when selling a home and making memories that will last forever.


Stage Two 

As you gather memories, consider opening up and sharing what it is you’ve learned with a trusted friend or family member. You’ll then want to gather emotional support as well. This is the hardest stage to enter but it is also perhaps the most important to take care of. Emotions are the key to selling a home and getting what you want out of it. Think about all the special memories you have of family, places you’ve traveled, pets, and emotions; all of which are powerful emotions that need to be released.


Stage Three

Making your life change for the better will definitely boost sales. Everyone has stuff they’d like to give to charities but sometimes life changes make it too difficult. Sometimes it requires a big life change to make a difference in your home selling process. If your life changes and you want to do amazing things, it’s okay to talk about those things with your realtor.


Stage Four 

The last stage of the selling process is the release of all emotional and physical baggage you are carrying. This is also when you will let go of any guilt you feel over dumping a family member or pet. There is nothing more painful than feeling guilt over the sale of someone you love. Release all feelings and start fresh.


These are the four stages of the entire selling process.

Make sure to take advantage of these four stages when selling a home. No matter how much work it takes, life changes, and memories are inevitable. Let go of any guilt you may feel about selling your home and focus on becoming your best friend to prospective buyers. That’s the secret to a successful sale price! Good luck!

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