The Value of A Moldavite Gemstone

Moldavite is an unbreakable

A Moldavite is an unbreakable, translucent, light weight, amorphous, translucent, unplasticized, fiberglass olivine mineral, which is formed about fourteen.7 million years ago when a huge meteorite strike occurred in Southern Germany. This meteorite impact caused the formation of this marvelous transparent greenish olivine glass that is found throughout the world. The name “Moldavite” is derived from the German word for “cloud”. This transparent glass is formed due to an excess of vaporized water and graphite (rich in iron). In fact, when iron is heated, it produces the Moldavite.

In this respect, the moldavite is like the quartz gemstone “Ribbon”, only it is much more fragile. Also, the moldavite is different from the quartz in the sense that it has four separate strewn fields instead of just one. These strewn fields are usually about one inch thick. Also, the upper layers are thicker than those of the quartz and amethyst.

When compared to diamonds

This pale green gemstone moldavite , is almost as rare and attractive. It is a completely synthetic creation and the composition of its structure has been well-tested and confirmed by scientific laboratories. The color of this translucent stone can vary from a very light green to a deep pinkish brown. Its hue varies because it is created by varying the ratio of calcium and magnesium ions within the crystal lattice. The colors are always similar to those of citrine.

Experts and collectors believe that there are many more varieties of gemstones that belong to the class of “Furavi” which include some of the most common and well-known gemstones like the blue star quartz, rainbow quartz, the beautiful black or blue mandala, the lovely lilac, the red or yellow amethyst, the evergreen calcite and also the delicate milky white morganite. All these are considered treble clefs. They were believed to have originated from the quarries of Tamil Nadu in India. However, there has been little or no archaeological evidence to prove their existence. In spite of this, many scientists believe that these milky white moldavites do belong to this treble clef category.

The other unique trait of this precious gem

Is that it contains a very highly refractive index, which makes it extremely difficult to cut. This feature makes it so rarer than any other known gemstone. Another attribute is that it consists of two separate strewn fields rather than a single diamond-like structure. Its rareness makes the Moldavite a very unique space origin gemstone. Also, it belongs to the quartz family, as it often contains traces of feldspars and micas.

To get authentic pieces of this gem, you must purchase them from genuine collectors who buy and sell genuine pieces of Moldavite. These authentic Moldavite pieces are rare and very valuable pieces of jewelery. The value and beauty of each piece depend on its position and age. Collectors are very keen in getting authentic pieces for their collection and also for selling it in the market. If you have pieces missing from your collection and you want to sell it in the market, then you must inquire and contact a trusted Moldavite dealer and order for custom made pieces of this gem, which will look great on your place and will also fetch you good amount of money.

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