The Short Answer – Does Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Home owner’s insurance covers damages which occur inside the property and rapidly arise from time to time. The damage should be the consequence of one of the hazards included in home insurance like fire sprinkler, heating, water leak, air conditioning, etc. It also covers any damage that may be caused due to any disaster outside the house. Usually the coverage is a combination of physical and emotional damage. However, it is wise to know the difference between the two so that you know when to claim your insurance and how much it would cost.

Water Damage Does Insurance


In case of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, thunderstorms, hurricanes, etc which do not occur very often and also do not cause extensive damage to property, homeowners insurance covers damage as a direct result of such disastrous events. It is wise to check the terms and conditions of the policy carefully to ensure that the damage is not covered when there is a warranty on the product. Also it is prudent to check whether the damage is covered only for a particular duration or for a specific amount of time.


There are two main types of coverage which cover water damage caused due to leakages and pipes bursting. First, if the leak originates outside the house and is detected at the premises, then claim is made under the normal circumstances of life under the policy. However, if it is discovered inside the house, then the policy includes a claim for the direct expenditure incurred to repair the pipe which was busted. If the pipe has to be replaced because of the damaged nature of the pipe and because it was a major section of pipe then the replacement cost would be covered under the claim.

Another type of damage insurance claims is that made under the category of willful damage insurance. When this type of damage occurs it is necessary to file a claim through your homeowner’s insurance policy and it is mandatory for you to inform the insurer about the accident. It is necessary to keep all the receipts for all purchases made during the time of the incident. If the cost of replacing all the goods is less than the claim amount then the entire balance amount is covered under the insurance policy. In case the goods are costly or difficult to replace, then the insurance company may cover only a part of their actual cost.


It is necessary to take immediate action after noticing the leak in the piping or burst pipe. The earlier you take steps to rectify the problem, the better it is for you. If you delay in doing anything then chances are high that you will have to bear huge medical expenses and repair costs. For example, if the pipe had burst near the water heaters then it is obvious that the entire heating system will be damaged. In that case, the heater will have to be repaired or replaced. This is exactly why homeowners insurance covers the expenses involved in hiring professionals for plumbing repairs and replacements.

The short answer to the question is yes, Water Damage Does Insurance cover the expenses related to repairs and replacements of all items damaged by sudden or accidental leakage. If the leak occurred due to excess consumption of water, the cost incurred will be covered under the policy. Similarly, the flood and storm damage that is caused due to sudden rain falling or melting of ice dams are also covered under the policy. If the leak occurred due to water seepage or blocked drain, then the claim can also be made under the policy. However, the homeowner needs to be extremely careful before making any decision regarding the matter. Leakage from any water pipes must be reported to the relevant authorities at once.

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