The Samurai Sword

many museums and even in Samurai Sword Films

“Samurai Sword” is a popular name for a category of Japanese sword, most often characterized by a flat, single edged, double edged blade with a concave or obliquely shaped blade. These swords are known as samurais in Japanese, although” samurai knife” and “sai” are also commonly used. Although the primary use of these weapons was for battle, they were also used as tools of the trade in Japan until the early 20th century. Some of the most well known katana designs have become household heirlooms. Today, these beautiful swords can be seen in many museums and even in Samurai Sword Films.

Samurai swords have been a part of Japanese culture for centuries, ever since the time of the samurai warriors. These weapons have been portrayed in samurai movies, comics, books, and legends. While most swords portrayed in media are from Japan, some are from other countries as well. Among those seen in manga and anime are the Japanese Wakizashi (Wakizashi), Tanto (Tanto Sante) and Naginata (Naginata).

Historically samurai swords were made for one thing  to kill

Their blades were sharpened and tempered in order to defeat their enemies quickly, efficiently and even silently. Samurai understood that a blade is only as good as its sharpness. This made them favor using sharpened and tempered Japanese swords over blunt ones. However, after years of legend, these swords have been categorized into two more categories. These are the ones with a cutting edge and those without.

Samurai Sword with a cutting edge is generally handmade by the blacksmith. The craftsman would heat the iron until it becomes soft, then place the sword’s ferrous (at this point alloy) part into the forge. The blacksmith would hammer the two parts together until the desired thickness was reached, then when it is cooled, he can begin to shape it into a blade. Samurai Sword with no cutting edge was manufactured by forging a blade from a piece of metal or steel that was not heated. Since the sword craftsman would not be able to shape the sword in this manner, the blade would have a straight edge and would have been hard and durable.

Chinese craftsmen

Not all blacksmiths in Japan were trained by the samurai sword making techniques. Some were actually skilled blacksmiths who were adept at creating weapons and tools that were more useful to the civilian population. For example, there were Chinese craftsmen who had the skills to create katana. The katana was used primarily in combat, but it was also forged and used by the Chinese military. This would indicate that some of the Japanese samurai swords were also of Chinese origin.

In order to make a fine samurai sword, the weapon must undergo several processes of polishing and be perfectly tempered. The sword polisher will use a variety of chemical compounds on the surface of the blade to achieve this polishing and tempering. One of the most common compounds used is a mixture of sodium hydroxide and calcium chloride. Because this compound is abrasive, the sword polisher must be very careful to apply only enough pressure so that the blade is not damaged. Too much force can even cause the blade to chip.

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