The Different Uses of Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets have been found from the Stone Age to present day

They are loved by people from all walks of life. Wicker baskets used to be considered as being highly affordable because they could be made from natural materials like bamboo, reed and willow. It was only after the mid-19th century that the popularity of wicker baskets started to decline because synthetic materials became more popular. These were also considered as a good alternative to upholstered wicker because they do not require regular care and maintenance unlike their natural counterparts.

Wicker baskets were considered to be highly affordable during the Victorian age when it can be found all over Europe and even in North America. As the popularity of wicker baskets increased, its rapid popularity was attributed to the fact that it was considered to be much cleaner and healthier than most other upholstered wicker furniture. The main reason for this was because of the weaving techniques used for making them. Because wicker baskets were woven from natural materials with very little use of synthetic materials or machines, they are easy to clean, last for a longer period of time and are easy on the pocket. They are also known to be made from materials that are of a high quality. With such qualities, wicker baskets were being used in some of the most expensive homes in Europe.

There are lots of style of wicker basket

There are several varieties of wicker baskets that are commonly used in basket making. These include woven baskets, potters wicker baskets and gourds baskets. In general, the woven baskets have a larger diameter and are usually wider than the potters wicker baskets. Gourds baskets are also a very popular type of wicker basket and are made of a variety of fruits, seeds and vegetables. Another very popular variety is the gourd basket, which is made of the stems and leaves of medicinal gourds like the burdock and the pig’s ear. It is often decorated with embroidery, colorful paints and accessories.

The potter wicker baskets mentioned earlier are made out of woven wood, while the polypropylene baskets, which are made of the same material as food cans, are usually made of man-made polypropylene. There are two types of baskets that are commonly used in basket making. One is the one that has a hole at the bottom. These are called backless baskets. On the other hand, there are also ones that have a bottom opening that can be squeezed. These are called frontless baskets.

the wicker baskets have been made of different materials and styles

Apart from the wicker baskets mentioned above, there are other types of wicker basket made of different materials. One of these is the bone woven basket and the other ones are the reeds, which are also woven, along with wicker. Some other materials that were used for wicker baskets, ancient Egypt being one of them: ostrich feathers, hair or fur, animal bones, shell objects, jute, terracotta, wood, cotton and jute threads.

In modern times, the wicker baskets have been made of different materials, such as steel, nylon, plastic and other synthetic fibers. Today, they are mostly used for different purposes, although the traditional purpose still remains, which is to carry objects. Baskets come in different colors, shapes and sizes. They can be found in almost any theme.

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