The Best Way to Take Care of Your Contact Lenses

Contact lense is usually one of the most abused eyes care products

Its used for everything from morning to nighttime contact. Its also used on people with astigmatism to help correct their vision. Its used on people who have eye allergies, sensitivity and sinus problems also. Here are some tips to help you keep your contact lenses clean and infection free.

Keep your lense clean by gently rubbing your eyes and rinsing with cold or room temperature solution. Rinse and wipe your contact lenses at least once a day if you wear them at all times. Do not touch your eye drops directly with your hands, this will irritate your eyes and make them itchy and uncomfortable. Never share your contact solution with other people or use the same solution on more than one eye. Also, never mix new solution with used or new solution as it decreases the efficacy of contact lens disinfection.

to prevent bacteria from irritating your eyes is to rinse your lenses with warm water

Keep your lenses in good condition by purchasing an easy to use protein neutralizing gel. This gel is great at eliminating bacteria that can cause irritation to your eyes. It’s important to use neutralizing protein gel when you first start using your lenses, this helps make the experience easier and less irritating to your eyes.

One way to prevent bacteria from irritating your eyes is to rinse your lenses with warm to hot (but not too hot) water. Warm water is a great way to kill any bacteria that may be on your lenses, but it is also a good way to rinse out the protein binding agent. Another method to preventing irritation is to purchase an inexpensive multipurpose lens cleaner that you can wash in the washing machine. In addition, you should rotate your lenses at least once a week so that protein and dirt do not build up on the lens and the contact solution.

wash your lenses with this solution and then dry them in the sunlight

Another method of cleaning your lenses is to take a multipurpose solution that includes chlorine bleach and rubbing alcohol. You can wash your lenses with this solution and then dry them in the sunlight. After you have washed your lenses with this solution you can put them in a clean jar and store for future use. When you are ready to use them just simply swoosh them in your daily cleaner. If you do not want to use an everyday cleaner you can purchase one that is designed for contact lens cleaning.

This last method is the fastest and easiest way to take care of your contacts. Simply follow the instructions that come with your cleaning solution. Most solutions will only need to be used once a day to rid your eyes of any bacteria and to ensure that your contact lens is clean and free of any unsightly residue.

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