Selecting the Right Pair of Eyeglasses

eyeglasses have many more other uses

We often think of eyeglasses as being used only for reading or computer applications. But eyeglasses have many more other uses, besides the obvious “to see better” use. In fact, eyeglasses are very useful in everyday life – they help people to be able to see clearly, to perform various activities, and even to get their jobs done. Even though eyeglasses are made for one specific use, they’re still incredibly versatile and helpful. Here are just some of the many ways eyeglasses can benefit us.

For those who have eye problems like myopia (nearsightedness), astigmatism, farsightedness, presbyopia, or hyperopia, eyeglasses can be a great help. Glaucoma, for example, is usually treated with progressive lenses that enlarge the patient’s pupil. This helps to prevent light from entering the eye. Similarly, bifocals – those with two different powers on each side of the eye – can provide some relief for many people who experience difficulty seeing things in the distance. If you suffer from any one of these problems, you should definitely consider progressive eyeglasses to improve your vision.

wide variety of aesthetic tastes of style

Many people also wear eyeglasses to improve the way they look. There are eyeglass frames styles for men, women, and children, and eyeglasses come in every shape and color imaginable, allowing for a wide variety of aesthetic tastes. Even though rimless eyeglasses may seem too “absurd” for some people, the frame styles available can make a real difference in how you dress up and look.

Some people suffer from vision problems that require more than simple reading eyeglasses. Some are interested in bifocal lenses, for example, which correct both near and far sightedness. Some sportsmen, such as baseball and football players, wear special eyeglasses to enhance their skills. In addition to corrective eyeglasses for the purposes of improving your vision, you might also want to invest in eyeglasses that will allow you to read printed materials at a distance. Readily available now, computer glasses are affordable alternatives to bifocal corrective lenses that will allow you to read text on your computer screen.

optometrist can recommend an effective pair for your specific needs

If you suffer from vision impairments other than presbyopia, you may need glasses for your other eye functions, as well. Some people have astigmatism, for example, which affects their ability to see things at a distance. You may need to wear eyeglasses if you have presbyopia, and your optometrist can recommend an effective pair for your specific needs. Your optometrist can also give you advice about the use of corrective lenses when you have to wear glasses for driving, for example, or any other tasks where your eyes need to be focused for visual clarity. A well-matched pair of eyeglasses will increase your ability to perform your daily tasks without eyewear.

For people who need bifocal lenses, however, the styles and lens materials available today make it possible for almost anyone to find an effective pair. These types of eyeglasses have a very high level of correction, and they can either be thin (as opposed to thick) or wide lens. The most popular type of bifocal lenses is called aspheric lenses. Aspheric lenses work by redirecting light that comes through the lens to focus it on one side of the retina. Because the light coming through the aspheric lenses is focused exactly on the retina, you will not need to wear glasses to correct your vision, and the effects of the aspheric lenses can be quite noticeable.

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