Premature Ejaculation – Causes, Risk Factors and Treatment Options

Premature ejaculation (PE), also known as delayed ejaculation (ED), is a very embarrassing and often embarrassing problem for men. The most common symptom of premature ejaculation is your inability to delay orgasm for more than 30 seconds after penetration. But the actual problem may happen even during masturbation, especially with inexperienced partners. Premature ejaculation often develops after you have had past sexual encounters without experiencing any ejaculatory difficulties. As you may have guessed, it can be extremely embarrassing to let your partner know about your condition and it can also severely hinder your social and emotional life.

premature ejaculation


There are many men feel that there are many reasons for PE but it is generally agreed upon that the primary reason for this is a combination of both physiological and psychological causes. There is usually a break down in communication line between the two partners once the act of sex has occurred as is evident by the lack of erection and lubrication on either of them during the act. Many men feel that it is purely a result of poor communication skills and that it is perfectly natural for them not to have an erection during sexual intimacy with their partner. They don’t necessarily know that there are certain psychological and biological factors which may play a major role in causing premature ejaculation.


One of the most common causes for premature ejaculation is anxiety. If you are anxious about being seen by your partner or just simply insecure about your performance in bed, then this will surely affect your performance and the result can be premature ejaculation. If your PE problem is due to anxiety, then it’s important to reduce these pressures as much as possible. If your partner asks you to do something that you find uncomfortable such as stop masturbating midway, then it would be best to stop doing it and go for it once you’re done so that you don’t get stressed out. It would also be helpful if you start taking small steps when you first start feeling anxious.

You must know that premature ejaculation has many different causes, both physiological and psychological. There are many other factors such as stress and health condition that may also affect your sexual dysfunction. These things must be taken into consideration when you try to find solutions for the problem as premature ejaculation cannot be cured with drugs and tablets which may have side effects.


There are several treatment options available to treat premature ejaculation. The first and most common option is medications like anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills. However, if you tend to have the habit of taking these pills regularly, then you may want to check whether certain health conditions might be the reason for your erectile dysfunction. For instance, physical conditions like diabetes can cause a delay in climax and can cause premature ejaculation as well. The best way to treat any sexual dysfunction is to go for a comprehensive medical check up before you decide on any treatment options. You can also discuss your problem with your family doctor or your partner, who may give you some tips about curing premature ejaculation.

There are also several risk factors for premature ejaculation. These include genetics, anxiety, performance anxiety, neurological disorders and several others. The risk factors largely depend on the person’s physiology, psychology and behavior. You should go ahead with any treatment option only after getting all the facts about your health condition and other risk factors. In fact, there are several natural remedies and lifestyle changes which can be used to improve your sexual functioning and also to reduce your chances of getting erectile dysfunction. The risks and advantages of these treatments will vary from person to person and so, it is important to talk with your doctor about the options available.

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