Nike Air series

Nike Digital Marketing Strategy

Nike Launched its all-time high-performance Nike Air series in the mid-’90s, which has been an unmatched achievement. This brand provides innovative air cushioning and is a perfect partner for athletic shoes. The Nike Air cushioning system provides superb cushioning and maximum support to make certain that the athlete does not feel any sort of pain while using the footwear. This brand uses patented technology and is preferred more than any other brand by the majority of professional athletes and other sportsmen. Nike is the most trusted brand when it comes to sports footwear.


Nike is continuously using innovative digital marketing tools

and other interactive marketing schemes such as social media, TV commercials, radio ads, online community forums, and blogs to promote their business. These are done with the help of innovative digital marketing solutions and strategies. They are gaining immense popularity and profit with these online and offline marketing campaigns. These strategies have helped them to keep their brand in front of competitors and have ensured strong revenue and positive ROI for a very short period of time.


This year, it was observed that most leading brands

had adopted powerful online marketing strategies and were trying different ways to increase their customer base. These powerful online marketing strategies are implemented to gain maximum exposure and create an emotional bond between the users and the brand. Nike has adopted these marketing tactics and is now trying different strategies like social media, E-commerce, consumer experience management (CEM), and many other techniques to improve the brand positioning. To improve the business strategy and gain maximum advantage over competitors, Nike has come up with various business strategy initiatives and implemented them with full dedication and hard work.


Nike has successfully implemented

a unique and powerful business strategy and brand development with the help of high-technology and information science knowledge and experience in recent years. This is one of the factors that have helped Nike score highest in every single category and is gaining huge market share. They have successfully implemented five key business strategies to gain more exposure and generate quality traffic and brand awareness. Nike’s business strategy focuses on five key verticals:


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the important factors in Nike’s success and they have launched several digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing helps you to promote your products and services globally without spending thousands of dollars. Digital marketing includes Paid Search, Pay Per Click, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Social media, Mobile marketing, Internet marketing, etc. Digital marketing helps you to reach your potential customers instantly. This is another way to leverage the power of the internet.


Brand Development

One of the most important aspects of Nike’s success is brand development and it depends on how the brand is developed. The Nike Brand development is the main reason why Nike has become so powerful and famous. Various researches and studies have revealed that if your brand is developed correctly, it can easily overcome all negative attention from the audience. So, developing a brand through digital marketing strategy, SEO, advertising, social media, PPC is a great strategy for the success of Nike.

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