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Keep Electric Cars Battery Healthy

Electric cars are a great way to save money on gasoline costs. You drive a lot farther with an electric car than you would with a gas-powered car. However, even though they cost less to operate they do require maintenance. Learn a little bit about the maintenance of electric cars so you can keep the battery healthy and ready for when you need it.

lithium-ion batteries

Most electric cars run on lithium-ion (or Li-ion) batteries. While the cells in cell phones, laptops, and electric cars all utilize the same [lithium ion] technology, the quality of the cell’s cells is a whole world apart! Why do you leave your laptop plugged in to the wall while you’re at work? When you plug your electric vehicle in, the power converter [or charger] fills it up with electricity, then stops. The battery is charged by the alternator [in your car’s battery].

use a monitoring device

A battery-management system is a device that monitors the amount of charge being used in your electric cars and will shut off the engine if the charge is too low. The battery management system will also shut off the engine if the charge on the batteries is too high. This way, your electric cars will be protected from early battery degradation. Many drivers who drive long distances may be surprised to see their batteries decline in capacity after a few hundred miles or even thousands of miles driven. This is why Li-ion batteries are so popular for use in cars that travel great distances – because they can cover such a distance before starting to degrade.

types of battery

There are two main types of Lithium-Ion battery cells: lithium metal and lithium-ion metal. The lithium metal cell has many advantages over the lithium-ion cell. The lithium metal battery has a higher capacity but is heavier and more expensive than the lithium-ion cells. Also, lithium metal batteries are not flexible and tend to get pinched when charging and therefore must be kept safe. Unfortunately, they do not last as long as the lithium-ion cells and have a shorter operating life than the lithium metal cells.

advances in battery technology

Battery technology for electric vehicles is changing quickly. There is more research being done on advanced battery materials and battery technologies. Advances are also being made in the design of cell walls to prevent the build-up of crystalline deposits that cause damage to battery cells. Advances in battery technology are sure to make it easier and safer to recharge electric vehicles, thus increasing the range of these vehicles and making them more fuel-efficient. More research and development will certainly continue in this area.

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