How to Reduce Your Energy Expenses

Reduce Your Energy Expenses

Here is how to reduce your energy expenses now and increase your chances of success, beginning right now. You might think that just because you are telecommuting that your job does not allow you to take any steps to “green” your business, but this can have an impact on your bottom line. It is estimated that as many as 35% of your total energy bill is due to just heating your office space and keeping it warm.


When you are heating your building

your utility bills will rise because you will need to buy more heat when you do not use the space very often. When you are not using it very often, you are probably taking short showers, getting dressed, writing reports, listening to audio CDs, or working on the computer. All of these activities make your office more hot and sweaty which increases your utility bills. While you are not doing anything physically, you are still spending money on heating costs.


The solution to both of these problems

is to implement some energy efficiency strategies into your workday. Many companies offer their employees incentives for changing their habits so they can cut expenses in both areas. For example, if you choose to take short showers and use the restroom more frequently, you can save quite a bit of money on your monthly utility bills. If you are careful with the items you leave in drawers and cupboards, you can also make your office less hospitable to pests and attract less attention from other people who want to take what you are keeping. A little attitude goes a long way.


One of the first steps any manager should take

is reviewing their current management policies. Many managers only pay attention to the energy consumption of their staff, overlooking the needs of their customers. If your customer requests that you upgrade equipment or you give them discounts for energy-efficient products, you should be willing to implement those changes. This can significantly reduce your employees’ energy expenses, allowing you to provide better services and receive more clients.


Managers should also implement training for their staff.

They should inform their workers about the energy consumption of their equipment, how much it uses, and what kind of equipment they should be using. That way, when employees come back for the next workday they will know exactly how much energy they need to bring home. They can then reduce their energy consumption after they get home by setting their thermostats and turning down the air conditioning as they leave the building. If your company has a policy against taking phone calls during non-business hours, inform your receptionist about this. By cutting down on unnecessary energy consumption, your company will significantly reduce its energy consumption bills.


Finally, ask your boss about a policy

that allows you to reduce energy expenses. If you work in an office building, the manager likely already has such a policy. If not, it is something you should discuss with your boss. You may want to ask your boss about the benefits of energy-efficient appliances, air conditioners, and other appliances so that you and your co-workers can adopt similar habits. If your co-workers can voluntarily reduce the amount they consume, it would be a wise move for you to follow suit.

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