How fracking has changed our Future

How Fracking Has Changed Our Lives

How fracking has changed our Future is one of the most debated topics in the news today. It has affected us all in many ways but what isn’t discussed as much as how it will impact our children and grandchildren. Fracking is a controversial process. The EPA and White House are continuously working on rules and regulations to protect the environment and protect our natural resources. The last thing they want to do is destroy our economy by eliminating jobs.


In addition to the fact that it destroys millions of jobs

there are also many other reasons fracking is changing the way we power our lives. For instance, it creates a vast amount of waste, particularly hazardous waste. This waste has been known to contaminate drinking water supplies and is a danger to the air. All of this adds up financially and in the long term makes it impossible for us to provide health care for all of the people that are affected by these fumes and toxins.


What does all of this mean to you and me?

Well, the best way to find out is to look at what fracking has done to the price of fossil fuels. When we use coal or natural gas to generate power, we need to use very expensive natural resources to do so. This means that we have to charge a lot more for these products. How much more can we charge when we have something like fracking available at a lower cost?


In addition to the bad job that fracking

has done to our economy changing the way we use the energy supplies we have available is obviously a good thing. It is changing the way we live our lives and how we get around. It is changing our homes, our communities, and the way that we do things. How different can it be?


If we want to make sure that future generations

have a livable planet that they can enjoy, we need to start considering all of the negative side effects of changing the way that we use energy. This includes changing the ways that we generate power and finding new ways to supply energy to our communities. If we are going to rely on fossil fuels, which are finite in nature, to provide power for our world, we are simply wasting our money. The sooner we start thinking about fracking as a way of producing energy, rather than its negative effects, the better off we will be.


In closing, I should mention that frack drilling

is not the only type of energy production that is causing our environment to change. Geothermal energy has also come on strong and is growing in popularity. This type of energy produces no pollution and is great for use in homes. It can even be used in business to create some of your own electricity. Fracking is not the only thing that is causing us to change the way that we live. By thinking about what we are doing and what we are spraying into the sky, we can all save our civilization from the perils that are likely to come.

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