Mother’s Day

Finding Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is a commemoration of mothership, motherhood, and the effect of mothers in today’s society. It is widely celebrated on several different days throughout the globe, most frequently in late February or early March. It is also one of the few holidays that Americans (in particular the urban women) celebrate together, with their husbands and loved ones. Although it seems to be mostly an American holiday, it has roots in the European tradition. In France, for example, the word for Mothers Day is “Mirez sure L’Amour” while the Germans call it “Mauser”.


What exactly is meant by the expression “motherhood”?

Is it the giving up one’s babies to look after the children coming in after her? Is it the constant struggle to be a good mother and to raise children? Or is it something else entirely?


Historically, mother’s day is a commemoration

of the first Sunday of Lent, when the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus. The church celebrated this event by sending red roses to all women who were married to Roman citizens, as an act of goodwill toward them. Over the centuries, different colors have been used to represent different meanings. Red roses are normally associated with passion and love, white roses with purity, yellow roses with sympathy, and last but not least black roses with ambition and desire.


There are various other meanings

attached to the celebration of mother’s day. For instance, if you mention the word “mum” in any conversation, it’s a signal to refer to the wife. Similarly, it’s an honor for a woman to give birth to her child, hence the phrase “mothering a child”. However, for conservative Christians, it’s an occasion to celebrate motherhood; and many mothers go out of their way to make special Mother day gifts to demonstrate how much they love their children.


The giving of flowers has long been considered

an ideal way to show one’s feelings. Although the tradition has undergone quite a few changes over the years, the basic meaning remains the same. Flowers convey feelings and emotions in a very strong manner. In addition to being a widely accepted form of expression, they’re also relatively cheap. Furthermore, there’s a lot of choices when choosing flowers, making it easy for anyone to get hold of a really good selection.


When looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift,

think about which mother would suit your friend or family best. Gifting time of year-round flowers is always popular, but there’s no rule saying that you can’t bring home a special flower for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Some of us prefer to select one particular flower species and stick to it for Mother’s Day, while others will try to be more original and pick some variety. There are literally thousands of ways in which you can express your love and respect for your mother, so take your time and choose wisely! After all, this is an occasion designed to celebrate mothers, and any gift you can give her will certainly be well received.

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