Eye Strain and Eye Fatigue – How to Prevent Eye Strain and Eye Fatigue From Overtaking Your Life

double vision or blurred vision

Eye strain is an ever-increasing group of related symptoms brought on by overworked, fatigued eyes. The most frequent symptoms of eye strain are: red, itchy, irritated eyes with an itching sensation. Dry, tired, or swollen eyelids. A sensation of double vision or blurred vision.

To prevent eye strain and eliminate the risk for permanent damage to your eyes, you should take regular breaks from reading or watching TV. Take frequent breaks by reading non-fiction books, magazines, newspapers, or blogs. If you are fond of reading, why not start reading faster? You could purchase a finger-table or even a “blink meter” to help you to keep track of how many times you have blinking during your reading sessions. By using these simple devices, you can increase the frequency of blinks and therefore minimize eye strain.

the symptoms of eye strain

Aside from reading, another way to alleviate the symptoms of eye strain and the onset of various eye fatigue is to take regular rest. It has been found that inadequate sleep, combined with too much stress causes most of the eye strain causes mentioned above. You must also make it a point to consume enough healthy foods and drink plenty of fluids every day. When you do not take regular rest, the body’s coping mechanism becomes weak. This in turn allows your body to become easily stressed and tired. Consequently, the symptoms of these vision problems will also proliferate.

Other eye strain symptoms that you might experience include headaches, blurred vision, double vision, migraines, light sensitivity, eye fatigue, eyestrain, itching and burning sensations. Blurry vision is the most severe symptom that could force you to experience eye strain. When your vision is blurred, you will experience severe headaches and double vision. As for double vision, it is when your sight is blurred but you can still see one other spot in front of you.

double vision and headaches

If you also experience double vision and headaches, then the strain and stress in your neck and shoulders are the culprits. These two factors cause the weakened circulation and nerves that cause blurred vision. To avoid such symptoms, you must first prevent the two things from happening by practicing some relaxation techniques. If you already experience eye strain and headaches, then you must seek immediate medical attention.

The best treatment for eye strain and the onset of eye fatigue is to rest your eyes by frequently using eye cream. The other thing you can do is to massage the muscles surrounding your eyes, especially the muscles of the eyelids and the upper back. Massaging these muscles helps in the loosening of them, thus preventing you from becoming exhausted easily. By practicing these easy-to-do techniques regularly, you can surely lessen or eliminate the occurrence of any eye strain and eye fatigue. It is always best to take these precautions, since these can cause major damage to your vision and to your body as a whole.

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