Dog Seat Belts and Tethers – Which Ones Should You Buy?

safety and quality

For the ultimate in safety and quality, consider the Kurgo dog seat belt as your choice for the best dog seatbelts on the market today. Though this dog seat belt hasn’t been formally crash tested, many have learned that it does effectively prevent injury while you ride your dog. This simple-to-use adjustable device snaps right into your current seatbelt buckle.

There are many different Kurgo dog seat belt styles to choose from. They are made of high-quality leather with rubberized accents. The most convenient feature is the clip system. Simply place your harness clip into the clip slot on the buckle and your pet will be securely locked in place.

optional accessories available

The basic design is similar to the standard seatbelts. However, there are many optional accessories available such as a nylon one-piece clip or two-piece clip. When fully assembled, this nylon dog seat belt clip looks like a standard harness, but when the two pieces are separated, they form a clip to keep your canine safe and secure. The clips can be separated by pulling apart a section of the nylon fabric. Nylon clips can be easily replaced, making this item a long-term investment.

To further protect your pup from unexpected collisions while you’re driving, consider purchasing a Kurgo car seat belt with a buckle-style closing device. Like the buckle style of buckle, this type of closing device locks into place and prevents your dog from being able to wiggle out of it. It’s incredibly important that you close your dog seat belt securely, especially if it has a harness fastener. Dogs can sometimes wriggle into their harness, preventing the leash from tightening around their torso and becoming completely loose. By using a buckle-style closing device, you can ensure your dog won’t be able to escape when you need him to.

high-quality dog seat belt

A helpful feature for both owners and dogs is a clip that attaches to the front seat on your vehicle. This clip attaches to the dog seat belt, forming a secure clip which holds on to the belt itself. These clips allow you to transport your pooch in the trunk without worrying about whether he can fit in the car, as well. Just as with the other two types of clips mentioned above, when the two parts separate, they close back together again, ensuring your pet will be properly secured.

Even if you choose to use an approved car seat belt, you may want to invest in some high-quality construction dog seat belts. Not only will these high-quality belts provide you with extra security and comfort, they’ll look great as well. Since there are so many different styles available today, purchasing a high-quality construction set can make all the difference. Choose from black, red, pink, white and more. With so many options to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect dog harness or leash for your pet without spending a lot of time searching.

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