Body Armor

Ballistic protection levels

Ballistic body armor was designed as a bullet-resistant coating used for military and police officers. This kind of body armor offers very high resistance to handguns, although what kinds of handguns to resist differ according to the level of the armor. Ballistic protection levels are often assigned based on the caliber the body armor is able to withstand, with higher levels able to withstand stronger ammunition. There are several types of this armor, which cover the entire torso or the upper half of the torso.

The first of these is the basic vest, which is a full-body armor. The material used in this type of protective clothing is polyethylene terephthalate, which is also known as bulletproof fabric. It is usually made with thicker layers than typical body armor, although there are some thin versions available. Compared to standard body armor, this type provides greater protection against bullet penetration. Some vests are so thick that they are even useful during exercises without any protective clothes.

version of the full body armor

Next is the bodyarm, which is a smaller version of the full body armor. Used by police and military forces, this kind of body armor is often worn on a person’s lower body. Although not as thick as the full plate, it still provides a high degree of protection against handgun penetration. Other protective clothing items used with this kind of body armor include heavy duty gloves, groin protectors, jackets, and bulletproof vests.

Bulletproof vests, often called bulletproof shirts, are another common form of protective clothing, used for protection from handguns. These vests are usually a combination of materials, including an inner layer with Kevlar bulletproof windows, an outer layer with thick cloth or plastic plates used as padding, and a protective layer made from the metal of the vest itself. Each compartment may have pockets, straps, or other accessories that provide added protection.

law enforcement officers

Bullet resistant vests may be either gas-filled (i.e. nitrogen filled) or filled with saline to provide extra protection against high pressures from fired handguns. While gas-filled is better for shooting protection, saline is preferred for soft body armor. In some cases, bullet proof vests have both gas and saline layers, but this isn’t always the case.

Body armor is used by law enforcement officers to defend themselves and others. While it is a vital piece of equipment for these professionals, anyone who values their safety should own one. This is not only a wise investment, but a smart choice for self-defense. When buying one, make sure you buy one with the features you need. The last thing you want is to be caught off guard when your attacker decides he’s had enough of your protection. Protect yourself today by adding a bulletproof vest to your personal defense arsenal!

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